Automate data integrations with AI

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Our AI automatically transforms data schemas for you

Provide any start and end schema, and Lume will transform and deliver the data to your destination, no code required.

Review the data output before deployment

Confirm validity of transformations by reviewing key information:
Sample data
Lineage graph
Underlying SQL code

Manage all your data flows in one place

Lume Dashboard manages all your flows and connectors, giving you full control over complex data integration systems.

Create data flows using custom schemas and 300+ connectors

Lume supports hundreds of connectors, and handles easy uploading of custom internal schemas to create any data transformation you need. Just specify your start and end schemas, and Lume takes care of the rest.

Review data samples for confident deployment

Data Preview provides a sample of the transformed data. This enables quick visual inspection of the expected output before deploying the pipeline in production. Search, filter, and select data across schemas.

Get a holistic view of your pipelines with Data Lineage

A view of the data pipeline through Lume's Data Lineage allows data teams to build, troubleshoot, and analyze workflows more efficiently. Data Lineage provides insights on downstream impact of upstream changes.

Access the underlying SQL code to troubleshoot the way you want to

Lume renders the SQL for all data transformations in each flow. This allows engineers to review and validate the transformation before deploying, with the option to edit scripts pre and post deployment.

Manage your data flows and connectors

Lume Dashboard allows you full control over your data integrations.
Edit and manage your data flows
Add new source and destination connectors
Manage multiple workspaces

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